HALO Wallbox™ now available in 11kW

Finally, the HALO Wallbox™ is now available in three phase 16A 11kW.

With the same compact size, same great functionality and of course with our incredible cloud solution included and with load balancing available. The HALO Wallbox™ also features an extra socket so you can easily plug in a car heater, charge another car with a portable cable, or plug in the lawnmower.

When you decide to get an EV or hybrid it’s important to know if your house can handle the voltage and that the electrics are properly installed. An Installed HALO Wallbox™ is proof that your house is ready and prepared for charging an EV or Hybrid. Installation is done by an authorized electrician and ensures that the electricity in your home is properly installed and that your house has the capability to charge your car. With this knowledge, you are guaranteed there will be no unpleasant surprises in the future.

The cloud solution together with the HALO will ease invoicing with automated reports, let you keep track of consumption, schedule charging sessions to whenever it suits you and much more. Through the cloud service, our load-balancing system can be set up, which works between both 1 phased and 3 phased chargers and the system can also dynamically change phases used, major advantage for utilizing all capacity available.