Charging made easy
Charge Amps specializes in your everyday needs for normal charging at home, at the office, or on the road. We create smarter charging solutions with our customers’ best interests at heart. We want EV charging to be simpler, cleaner and massively more convenient than other alternatives. Plug in to the green revolution — right here, right now.
Our compact and reliable charging station with integrated smart software for full control.
Cable mode 2
The revolutionary efficient, safe, and user-friendly complement every EV owner needs.
Cable mode 3
A trusty, slim and fast Mode 3 cable you will need for the road, wherever you are going.
Charge Amps solutions.
A goal has been set that, by the year 2030, there will be over one million electric cars on the road in Sweden. If you’re reading this, you’ll most likely be driving one. And it’s extremely important that charging your EV or Hybrid is reliable, efficient, and easy, no matter where life takes you. Charge Amps provides a range of the most intelligent and user-friendly charging products on the market. Our product line is truly scalable and future-proof. Charge Amps – in charge of tomorrow.