We are a Swedish innovative green-tech company passionate about making electric vehicle charging easier, smarter and trendier.


With smart details being center of our design we develop user-friendly solutions for home, office or the road. Great design that also adds to the functionality of the products. Smart and easy.

Who we are

Charge Amps is based on equal parts of mechatronics, innovative design, usability and a deep understanding and passion for this market.

Simply put, we create smarter charging solutions with our customers’ best interests at heart. We want EV charging to be simpler, cleaner and massively more convenient than other alternatives. This market is expanding fast that ever.

There are more and more EVs and hybrids to choose from, prices are dropping fast, and new legislation for company cars and incentives is changing the market rapidly.

What we do

At Charge Amps, we drive electric cars and hybrids ourselves. This means that we have first-hand experience with both the upsides and the obstacles of owning an EV, helping us create better solutions.

In addition, we listen to our customers to understand what matters to you. Then we develop the solutions that solve real everyday problems and actual needs. That way we know our solutions will make charging easier, smarter, and more reliable. Visions born from reality.

Finally, by developing all our products ourselves from scratch, we’re able to think outside the box and create more user-friendly solutions than those currently on the market.

What we believe in

Having the right charging solutions and infrastructure will play an important role in the current shift towards a sustainable world, where fossil fuel dependency is a thing of the past.

We believe we can provide great solutions and help build infrastructure. However, we will not predicate that we can do it ourselves. That’s why we are proud to align our efforts with others who share our vision of a better tomorrow. Every day we rely on our partnerships. Together we are insuring that we keep our innovative edge, our political momentum, and our reliable manufacturing process.

Making the right decisions has never been more important than it is today. We only have one Earth and now we’re at the crossroads. But there is only one way to go, and that’s electric.