Aura, next-generation energy efficient charging station

Charge Amps is launching a new recyclable and energy efficient charging station named Aura. A versatile, scalable and future-proof EV charger that is easy to install and suits both public destination charging as well as domestic home environments.

Save money with scheduled charging

“The Aura technology can charge cars at a lower cost because the software allows the user to schedule charging to the hours with the lowest electricity price. Customers can, depending on the charging need, save a lot of money,” says Pontus Frohde, CEO of Charge Amps.

An efficiently optimized charging system

With Charge Amps’ load balancing technology, the output and phase are automatically adjusted according to how many cars need charging. This feature allows more chargers to be used simultaneously and efficiently ensures maximum possible output for every car that is charging without overloading the system. The maximum current is 32 ampere on each outlet but can be set to anything below, depending on the customers’ needs. Connecting Aura to Charge Amps encrypted and protected cloud service will enable automatic over-the-air software updates as well as give access to all the scheduling and timer features.

Future-proof with flexible charging effect

Aura is, with its robust design in sustainably recycled aluminum, very durable and can withstand external impact, humidity, and rough weather changes.

Aura perfectly suits for destination charging environments when several charging stations will be in use at the same time; airports, shopping malls, garages, and urban streets. The charging effect for Aura can be set to anything between 1.4 and 22 kilowatts for each outlet. The outlets are of the European standard type 2, which suits any electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle. With this flexibility, Aura is scalable and ready to charge the EVs of today and tomorrow. The installer can easily adjust the maximum effect – kilowatt – needed via Charge Amps unique cloud service, and there is no need to do any hardware changes or updates.

Charge Amps is known for EV charging solutions with modern design. Joachim Nordwall, who is also a co-designer for exclusive sports cars Koenigsegg, designed the Aura charging station.

Charge Amps is a Swedish growth company designing, developing and producing smart and easy-to-use hardware and software for charging electric vehicles. Charge Amps offer contemporary designed charging stations, charging cables and an advanced cloud service. Everything is developed and produced in Sweden. Charge Amps was founded in 2012 and are today charging cars in over 32 markets globally.

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