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Our flexible cloud solution

Our HALO Wallbox will together with our incredible cloud solution be everything you need to fill your everyday charging needs. We couldn’t be prouder of our cloud, and this is still just the beginning. Our open API allows for different partners to receive, use and integrate selected data from our system, making a smarter and more flexible solution.

Charge amps is at the forefront of developing techniques for load balancing which makes charging an entire car park just as easy as charging single vehicles. When there is a need for charging more than one EV or hybrid in one location load balancing optimizes the output to each individual vehicle, dividing accessible power in the most efficient way.

Every user knows there will always be enough power to supply everyone, and that their EVs will be fully charged at the end of the day.

The cloud will optimize your charging

Connect your HALO Wallbox to our cloud to take control of your charging, monitor your power consumption and optimize your charging sessions. Having you HALO connected will also provide our support with vital information on how your HALO Wallbox is performing.

We’ll upgrade your box with the latest software without you even noticing, just like all the other smart products in your home. Welcome to, an addition to your smart and connected home.