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Charge Amps AURA™

AURA perfectly suits any envoironment thanks to its robust and stremalined sleek scandinavian design in smooth silver aluminium. AURA can be loadbalanced and dynamically allocate the output of current for optimal and maximal utilization.

2 x 22 kw designed by J. Nordwall and made of recycled aluminium.

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HALO Wallbox™

At Charge Amps, we believe that the smartest time to charge your car is during the hours when it is normally parked. That is where you need a wallbox.

– A HALO Wallbox™.

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Joachim Nordwall, co-designer of the Koenigsegg sports car, missed no detail when designing RAY.

He created RAY with a whole new design experience, the shape and weight of the control box, the flexibility of the cable and the ergonomic grip are all carefully thought out for increased user-friendliness.

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The EV charging infrastructure is expanding all over Europe with a unified standard being put in place for all new public charging stations, known as Mode 3 Type 2. BEAM is our user-friendly, lightweight and durable Type 2 charging cable in line with that standard.

BEAM delivers 20A and is reliable and extremely durable yet still much slimmer, more flexible and lighter than similar products.

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