Charge Amp’s goal is to provide high quality products, trouble-free ownership and better control over total costs by offering exceptional service-wide issues and problem solving. Find more information about troubleshooting in our FAQ.

We offer a minimum 3 years warranty for all our products, extended 5-year warranty available.

For more advanced questions or for technical support not covered by FAQ contact us at


All our products are assembled in Sweden. Cables, aluminum and plastic parts are our own design and manufactured by Charge Amps in Shanghai. Assembly and final tests are made in Sweden.

Call your local reseller or send an email to and we will get back to you as quick as possible.

We offer minimum 3 years warranty for all our products, extended 5 year warranty available.

Like all electrical products Charge Amps EV charging solutions shall be treated with care and be kept out of water, if not connected to the EV or Plug In Hybrid. Please download and read our manuals for information about our products.

In order to access the full potential of the HALO Wallbox, make sure to connect it to our cloud service. Of course you can also use the HALO™ Wallbox to charge your car without connecting it. Read more about the tab Cloud.

With SPARK, we are charging EVs and Plug In Hybrids in 27 countries on 4 continents, but now it’s time for SPARK to retire. SPARK has been replaced by RAY, available as both Type 1 and Type 2. Of course we still give services and supports to all SPARK customers. If you need support for your SPARK, simply press the support button in the right hand corner and type your query and we will get back to you.

We believe in real support

Assistance from Charge Amps support technician

You will be assisted by a Charge Amp support technician. You can expect assistance in your case in a professional manner, as well as obtaining a case number.


Leave your device according to the instructions

If your device is not working as expected, return it marked with your case number to your authorized RMA dealer or to your local dealer – as instructed in your support case.


A fully functional device is sent to you

Your Charge Amps-approved RMA partner will repair or replace the device and return it to you. Alternatively, your local dealer will send the defective device to its distributor, which will send the device to the Charge Amps to be repaired or replaced. You will get back a fully functional device.

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