15-day compensation

If a Charge Amps product is found to be defective within 15 days of the purchase date, you are entitled to a new device. You must always have a Support Issue Number and a purchase receipt to verify that you are eligible for a 15-day replacement.


Limited hardware warranty

Charge Amps provide a 3-year limited hardware warranty as standard *. The warranty includes errors in design, workmanship and materials under normal use for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. Incorrect products during the warranty period are repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer.

*5-year extended warranty is also available.


Warranty and repair *

If a product proves defective within the warranty period, it is defined as a Return Material Authorization (RMA) case. This entitles you to either repair or replace the device. You must always have a Support Issue Number to verify that the device is approved for RMA. Your Charge Amps-approved partner will test and repair the device. If it can not be repaired, it will be replaced with a refurbished unit.


Out of Warranty and Repair *

If you have a broken device that is not covered by warranty, please contact troubleshooting support and get a repair bill.


* To determine whether the product warranty applies, you may need to provide a proof of purchase to the support technician that will assist you. If the device is deemed defective with an error covered by the warranty, an RMA will be approved under your Support Issue Number and you will receive information on returning the product with the RMA number (case handling number) clearly marked on the outside of the shipment.


General guidelines for outdated products

Charge Amps offers support and RMA service until the end of the warranty period for the last delivered product. After this time, it gets “End of Support” status and no longer supported.


Warranty policy

Read our warranty policy as a PDF.